The area of Pieria

  • Pieria
    The county of Pieria is an area rich in attractions of great historical and archaeological interest to the visitor. These attractions range from the wealth of findings at the Neolithic Settlement in Makrigialos through the remains of Pydna to the ruins of the City of Dion and the Castle at Platamonas.
  • The Mountain Olympus
    The Mount Olympus is famous throughout the world for its history, its cultural significance and its ecological treasures as well as its place in mythology. An entire Greek ecosystem is contained within its graded heights. It is the highest mountain in Greece, rising to 2,918 metres. It was the home of the 12 Ancient Gods.
  • Ancient Dion
    On the slopes of Olympus, a mere 5 km from the beaches of Pieria, Ancient Dion, the Holy City of Macedonia was found under a covering of undergrowth and water. This city had been a thriving centre of civilization from the time of its foundation for a period of 1,000 years from the 5th c, BC to the 5th c, AD.
  • The Castle of Platamon
    The Byzantine Castle of Platamonas (platamonas = a long beach) is located in the southern part of Pieria, on the side of the national motorway, on the top of a small hill by the sea. It is built at a key-position, just opposite the "passage" of the Valley of Tempi, which has connected Thessaly to Pieria since the remote antiquity.

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